Greater Binghamton Sports Complex

The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex is the largest dome air-structure in the United States. The complex is located on Airport Road off Route 17 near the city of Binghamton, New York. The purpose of the structure is to house its full size soccer field. The total size of the complex measures over 125,000 square feet (11,600 m2) and contains two offices, a restaurant, cafeteria, a party room, locker rooms and upstairs workout space. The skylight measuring 197’ 6” x 30’ 6 feet (1.8 m) allows natural light to enter the complex. The facility can house multiple sporting events at once and offers sports such as soccer, rugby union, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, and softball. The complex was engineered by Yeadon corporation and was inflated in under two weeks.

The complex was also the 2009 home of the Binghamton Tiger Cats, a Women’s Tackle Football team. By playing in the Complex the Tiger Cats became the first team to play indoors in the history of Women’s Professional Football. Along with housing the Binghamton Tiger Cats, GBSC launched the Greater Binghamton Futbol Club (GBFC) a youth soccer club organization. GBFC teams became a power club known in the North East for dominating the most exclusive tournaments, such as States, Regionals and even a gaining a National Title. After several years with great success in the youth soccer arena, the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex became home to GBFC Thunder, a mens Semi-Pro soccer team competing in the National Premier Soccer League. In their second season, GBFC finished 1st in the Keystone Conference during the regular season with a record of 10-2-2, going on to defeat the New York Red Bulls NPSL squad 2-1 in Binghamton, but ultimately losing to defending NPSL champions, FC LVU Sonic, 1-0 in the Northeast Region finals. The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex is credited with bringing soccer to the Binghamton area, and Southern Tier community.

The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex is a privately owned entity by Binghamton Native and Lebanese immigrant, Bahij Kashou. After previously owning and running The Palace Sports Complex and The Southern Tier Sports Complex, Kashou recognized the need for a larger functioning facility in the Greater Binghamton area, motivating him to go forward with bringing the concept of The Dome. It was in 2005 when The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, the largest sports dome of its kind in America, was brought to Binghamton, NY.