We are excited to announce that we are moving into Youth Softball at the Dome as well as starting an indoor league! Check out our tab “Youth Softball” For more info!

The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, offers Adult Coed Softball for our Fall/ Winter Indoor Sessions. For more info, check out our tab “Adult Softball League Information”

To participate into our Softball Programs (League, Clinics, etc.), we ask that you complete our Player Registration Forms.

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 2019 Indoor Coed Softball Fall Registration is Now Open!

Cost for adult leagues: $550 per team for 8 games+ $15/Game Ump fees paid on the field per team!


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COED Softball plays Sunday evenings
Wednesday evenings are used as make-ups or for rescheduling.

Soft Pitch ASA Rules

L-Field 230′(approx.)
R-Field 180′ (approx.)


Dome rules are primary and all other rules enforced as ASA rules.

Dome Rules:

Coed 7 males 3 females minimum. Teams may play with more females.

Batting order may not have any more than 3 males in a row at anytime.

If a male is walked and a female follows him in the batting order he is awarded 2 bases. The female is still required to take her at bat and does not have an option to walk.

Men have to hit the Softie ball and Ladies will hit a 52/300 during at bats respectively.

0-0 count plate and mat are strikes.

Pitching arc is 6’-12’.

Balls off the dome are in play. If caught off the white portion of the dome it is an out. If caught off the blue potion it is not an out and the ball is live.

Ground Rule Double:

Bounces through the opening in the outfield from field 2 onto field 1.

Over the outfield net on fields 2 & 3.

Caught in/under: scoreboard, goal or nets. All fields and Dead Ball.

Advance one base if;Field 1.

Overthrow that hits concrete.

Overthrow that goes over 3rd base side net.Field 2

Overthrow that hits concrete.

Overthrow that goes over 3rd base side net.Field 3

Overthrow that hits concrete.Dead ball continued

Ball is still live if overthrown into net.

Foul ball off net on field 2 is a dead ball.Courtesy foul is in effect. A foul ball with 2 strikes is a foul 1 time a 2nd foul with 2 strikes results in an out.PLEASE PAY YOUR UMP!

No sunflower seeds.

No spitting tabacco while in the dome. Use a bottle and throw it away if you must.

If teams want to deviate from the rules listed above it MUST be discussed and agreed on (by both teams) prior to the game being played.

Any other suggestions are appreciated and will be considered!!

Fall 2019 League Info Coming Soon!!

 Small Group Baseball and Softball Lessons

(8) 1 hour lessons – $TBD

(4) 1 Hour lessons – $TBD

The Complete Lesson Package

60 minutes of pitching, hitting, and/or fielding

2 to 1 Student to Instructor Ratio max

Excellent Training for the off season to give your athlete The Edge

Correct common flaws in basic mechanics

Condition players arm and body for maximum performance and durability while staying injury free

Proper rotation of hands and body to create explosive hitting performance

Set up for balance, proper grip, posture, and correct completion (finishing)



Or call 607-729-5165

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Coed schedule (Sunday)


Upcoming Softball Tournaments:

Please stay tuned for 2019/2020 Softball Tournaments!

The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex is very excited to unveil four new batting cages!

3 55 ft Batting Cages

1 37 ft Batting Cage


Includes use of batting cages and field use (if field space is not being rented), during normal business hours

$85/ 1 month membership

$150/2 months

$175/3 months

$200 Season Pass Nov 1 – May 1

$300 Annual Membership

Winter Rates (Nov 1st to May 1st)

$40/hr and $25/half hour

Spring & Summer Rates

$20/hr and $15/hr